Monday, January 21, 2008

A note to Toni Valenzuela

Well the weekend has come and gone. As you may have read on this blog, I spoke out at the last town council meeting on January 16th in favor of councilwoman Toni Valenzuela resigning in response to the charges she currently faces. All 3 local newspapers have covered this story in some way. By far, the best coverage was courtesy of the East Valley Tribune. They get what's going on here in Queen Creek, they understand the charges of corruption are serious and needed to be treated as such. They did their homework and made sure they interviewed all sides of this situation.

When I read the story, I found the most amazing quotes came from the very people I accused of abusing the public trust: Toni Valenuzela and Joyce Hildebrandt. As I expected, Toni had no comment on my suggestion that she resign. Joyce on the other hand brought herself into a giant spotlight with her comments. She said, "She always just jokes,” and “She never thinks about what she said because she’s teasing. That’s just her, that’s the way she is. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Joyce, do you realize what she's charged with? Do you realize how serious these allegations are? The charges include open meeting violations, using her political office to attempt to gain favor over someone for her benefit and intimidation of another council member. I've seen people walked out of my workplace for far less, but to you, this is just jokes. Toni is the town comedian and you are right there in the front row to laugh. Well if you're right, Toni is playing a big joke on all of us by trying to win her seat back. I want you both to understand that I have no intention of backing down and I'm asking others to join me to again call for her resignation. And this time Joyce, I think your lack of judgment is now calling into question your ability to effectively do your job. If you can't see how serious this is that your friend called someone and threatened to use their vote to benefit their business, then you obviously aren't fit to sit in the chair you lay claim to twice a month. I don't think this is funny. I love comedy, but this Joyce and Toni, isn't funny. I'll see you on the 30th and I won't be telling any jokes.


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