Sunday, July 31, 2005

Introducing...The Big Show's Pimpin Points

As a half joke and big thanks for those of you who mention The Big Show on your podcasts, I'm introducing Pimpin Points. Each mention is worth 25 points and the winner at the end of the month will be announced at the end of August. In case of a tie, I will first see who has a link to the The Big show on their site, if both have a link then I just go to a coin toss. I'm not sure about prizes but I think I might be able to work something up as a way to say thanks. So check out the current scoreboard which began as of July 28th, it's towards the bottom right of this site. Good luck and keep pimpin.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

It's that time of the month

No, aunt Flo isn't in town....it's time to share the love you have for your favorite podcasts on PodcastAlley.com and of course, here I asking for some of the love to be shared on The Big Show. But more important than that, I am asking you to accept a challenge for this month. I'm asking that in the next month, you tell at least one person about this show and encourage them to listen. Votes on PodcastAlley.com are nice and I sincerely appreciate them but I'd also like to grow the listener base of the show and I'd appreciate any help you can offer to make that happen. In the past month, my votes on PodcastAlley slipped a little from the month before but I managed to gain listeners and I'd love to improve on the first trend and continue the second. So please take a second out to click on the really big black box in this posting and tell a friend about the show, also feel free to use the links on the right hand side to go to PodcastPickle and add this show to your favorites. You have made podcasting a joy to do and I sincerely appreciate all of your support.


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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Big Show #28 The Big Show meets Podcast 411

Show Notes

Show Length: Approx. 1 hour

My apologies to Rob for the delay in getting this show out to the world, but the wait is over and here is an interview I'm very proud to bring to you. Our hour long chat covers Rob's interview with Walt Mossburg from the Wall Street Journal, Podsafe Music Network, his interview with Adam Curry, interesting thoughts on where podcasting is going, great interview tips and so much more. If you are a podcaster or want to get into podcasting, this is the interview you should listen to. Again, a huge thank you goes out to Rob from Podcast 411 for being on my show.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Big Show visits Shelly's Podcast

I've talked about her on my show, now you can hear the mutual admiration society for yourself as I visit Shelly's podcast for an interview. I hope you'll check out our show together and subscribe to Shelly's show.

Check out the show here

Check out the world famous Shelly's Podcast website here

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Big Show #27- The Real Return of The ONJ

Show Notes:

Show Length 57:00

Personal news- Jenny talks about her trip to Kansas City, People who are too dumb to pump gas, Jenny's drink suggestion for the Borderline podcast, we play our voicemail from Neil at Borderline, Aaron talks about his love for Iriver, big thank you's to Cat from the Catfish show and Shelly from Shelly's Podcast , Oliva Newton John is returning to Phoenix!!, and we play a promo for bitzofbrin.

Song- Overlooked by My Machine. Check them out here.

News- Aaron goes off on Bandar Bush, Rockstar games is in mucho troubelo over Grand Theft Auto, Patriot Act is back, Michael Jackson is getting his goodies back, the "Why the Hell is This Company is Business Award" winner, and a tribute to Scotty.

Song- Count Me Out by Wes McDonough. (absolutely awesome song!!) Check Wes out here.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Big ONJ News coming up on the next show!

Yeah I know it's a big teaser but I've got some exciting ONJ news lined up for the next show. Doesn't she look great in this picture? So stay tuned and stay subscribed.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Wanna email Jenny?

Well now you can, send her an email at Ihavenofans@gmail.com. Btw, the email address was her idea...so don't start thinking I'm a bad guy, I'm evil not bad. When Jenny is on my show, I get a lot of feedback and comments for her, so now you can share your thoughts with her directly. As always, you can send me email at Ihateyourshow@gmail.com.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It's ok to call....

Hey there, for those of you new to the show, feel free to call my voicemail line and leave me a message. Hopefully your messages will be filled with words of encouragement, but if not, call Redboys voice mail. So give my voicemail a call and let me know what's up in your world, what you think of the show or anything else. The number is 206-202-2343. I'm getting another show ready soon so stay tuned and stay subscribed.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Show #26 This is Jawbone.....

Show Notes

Show Length: 38:54

Len from Jawbone visits via Skype. I'm a huge fan of Jawbone so it was really cool to have Len "in studio" for a show. We talk about Len's next big interview for the show, his attempts to get They Might Be Giants on his show, Itunes, Houlihans can't hold on to stuff and Len confesses his thoughts on Jenny (hey don't go there).

Read the Plain Dealer article about Jawbone here

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Show #25- The Silver Anniversary Episode

Show Notes

Show Length- 30:22

Personal News featuring an update on round 2 of the invitro process, I've got my flights book for November, I can't graduate this semester, Southwest Airlines offers me a job out of nowhere.

Song- "You Will Shine" by Randy Coleman. Check him out at www.garageband.com

News including Senator Clinton has run out of stuff to do, Bush gets caught lying again, Christian Slater turns down a plea deal, UPS will offer service to China, this week's "Why The Hell Is This Company In Business" award winner, and Seattle gets an title they don't deserve.

Song- "Ultrasonic" by Bandbox. Check them out at www.garageband.com.

Podcasting news featuring news on Odeo, Cafedesoulradio.com, and Apple pulls the plug on some podcasts.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Odeo Link

First off, thanks to Mr. X for the great buttons at the right hand side of the page. If you click on the Odeo link, you might get an error. I'm on there and if you click it again, the page for my show should show up. Not sure what the glitch is but I have the same issue on Odeo's site when I go on there so don't give up. For those of you who aren't big fans of Itunes or don't want to use Itunes, this site is a great substitute.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Show #24 I'm on Itunes and we're doing the show over


Show Length-Really Long

Hey, it's an hour of Jenny and I talking about drink suggestions for the Borderline Podcast (love that show!!), Matt and Amy have their baby, my upcoming rollerskating extravaganza on KQCX, saying hi to Melanie, Jenny points out that I mumble on my show and you can finally hear us on our new mics. WHOOO HOOOO!!

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Show #23- The Big Show goes Big Time

Show Notes

Show Length 29:42

Personal news featuring my trip w/Jenny to the mall and Radio Shack, my interview with Podcast 411 is on the air, news about a side project I'm working on for 99.1 FM.

Tribute to those who were killed or injured in London featuring "Fragile" by Sting.

News including Jeb Bush decides he should shut up about Teri Schiavo, baseball won't be part of the Olympics, a brand new segment for the show "Where are they now?", and a positive story about the world of business.

Song- "Summer Days" by Redd Soul. Check him out at www.reddsoul.com

Listen to my interview with Podcast 411 by clicking here

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Show #22 Thank God The Fireworks Are Gone

Show Notes

Show Length 30:10

Personal News featuring how my 4th of July weekend was anything but fun, new photos and poll on this site, getting some new equipment for the show, strange happenings with Godaddy and Compusa.

Song- "Beautiful" by Twin Twelve. Check them out at www.twintwelve.com.

News including Karl Rove might be in deep water, Al Jazeera is coming to America, a story courtesty of Big Show listener Rick, Merck prays for good news, News From Canada returns.

Song- "Be Free" by Evacuate. Check him out at www.garageband.com

Podcasting News including news about the first podcasting book, a plea to subscribe to the Redboy Podcast and congrats to Mr. X

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Show #21 Hanging out w/Melanie

Show Notes

Show Length- 44:23

Family friend Melanie stops by the studio to talk about Live 8, Michael Stipe, tight pants, being single, podcasting, how to not pay a landscaper and her struggles with anything that has water.

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Show #20- Luther, you will be missed

Show Notes

Show Length- 27:57

Personal News including my wife becomes famous, congrats to Les from Zaldors World for correctly guessing the song on show #18, my love of ONJ gets a mention the Catfish Show, a clip from Mr. X's show, my wife wins the Name Amy contest from Redboy's show

Song- Falling Away from Fishbelly White. Check them out here.

News featuring the Supreme Court has a vacancy, Tom Cruise goes full blown insane, Republicans fall back on old habits, this weeks why the hell is this network on the air award winner.

Song- Mix it up by My Machine. Check them out here.

Podcasting News featuring Itunes changes the podcasting world forever, Virgin Atlantic joins podcasting, check out Podcastoutlaws.com

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Vote for The Big Show on PodcastAlley.com

Hey there, like what you're hearing on my show? Then please drop by www.podcastalley.com and vote for my show. You can vote for me by clicking here

I got 12 votes last month, that was good enough to be in the top 300. Tell your friends about this show and let's take this show to the top 200 this month. Thank you for all of your support!!

One little word of warning, podcast alley has been up and down all week due to Itunes, so if at first you don't succeed, please try again.