Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Show #11- The Stars Come Out

Show Notes

Show Length 36:42

Intro- Ferris Bueller/Podcastoutlaws intro/Lou Rawls

Personal News- including the past 48 hours, clip from Mr. X and Just Julie, Olivia Newton John calls in, review of the movie of Kinsey, additions to the website, and my interview with Podcast411

Song- Evacuate "Feel The Vibe". Check it out at Garageband.

News- including Penn of Penn and Teller has a kid, Supreme Court isn't getting high anytime soon, Bush gives his popcorn money to famine relief, this week's winner of Why The Hell Are They Business award

Song- The Trisonics "Mystery Lady". Check them out here.

Podcasting News- John Edwards discovers vlogging, Steve Jobs shows off Itunes 4.9, Thank you for those that voted for me, a discussion about Podcastoutlaws.com

Charo visits the show, closing out the show

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