Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Vote for me on Podcast Alley

Hey there, like what you're hearing on my show, drop by www.podcastalley.com and vote for my show. You can vote for me by clicking here

I got 3 votes last month, one of them was mine. Can that record be beat, yeah I sure think so. So go vote for me cause a vote for me, is a vote against Dubya.

Show #9- The Biggest show of the Big Show

Show Notes:

Show Length- 17:28

This podcast is a first for the podcasting world....it's the first prego-cast. I try out the Iriver for the first time on the podcast to announce the big family news. Thanks for tuning in!!

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Show #8-Text messaging, with an adult flair

Show Notes:

Show Length 32:35
Intro from Adam Curry and Bannanarama

Personal News- Including my tales of going to the ballpark, CompUSA sponsors the show (yeah right), and how I can't beat GTA: San Andreas

Song- "She" from Jaymz Check out this song at Garageband

News- Nine Inch Nails pulls out of MTV Movie Awards, Bush has a sick friend, Ollie Stone gets busted, and what is the deal with adult oriented text messaging (this subject is work safe)

My Podcasting Point about Pat Tillman

Song- "Break Away" from Jessica Beach. Check it out at Garageband

Podcasting News- featuring ABC, USSoccer.com and of course PodcastOutlaws.com

Contact info/closing out the show

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Show 7- Keep the S's

Show Notes:
Show Length- 35:11

Intro-Napoleon Dynamite and The Cult

Personal News- stories of my father in law's coffee addiction, babysitting my nephew, online grocery shopping, and my loathing of CompUSA.

Song- This I know by The Stone Melodies Check them out at Garageband

News-including story of 86 year old getting arrested after calling 911 20 times, my personal favorite 911 call, Oprah has got to be stopped, Bush's tax cuts are working.

Song- Arthur Yoria "I'll Pretend" Check it out on Garageband

Podcasting News- Adam Curry has his life affected by the real world, vote for me on podcast alley (PLEASE), NBC joins the world of podcasting.

Sign out

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Show 6- The Adam Curry Free Episode

Show notes
Show Length- 38:12

-Personal News including talk about my niece finding a boyfriend, my review of Hotel Rowanda and a discussion of what not to do with podcasting

-A discussion about two 90's artists coming back to the music scene and a big scoop about one of those artists world tour.

-Mary Kay Latourneau gets married, check out a photo of her that is just silly

-Gate Gourmet gets sued

-Phoenix Suns are back on top but no one here seems to care

-Star Wars makes big bucks

-Podcasting news including Garageband gets into podcasting, Itunes does too, the "Great Moments in Podcasting" segment and Podcastoutlaws.com is getting big out there

-Plus songs by Retrograde and Natalie Brown http://www.garageband.com

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Hey, check me out on Mr. X's and Redboy's shows

Wanna hear more of me? I've got a short interview with the oh so talented Mr. X of the Mr.X and Just Julie podcast. I love this show and I hope you will too. Thank you to Mr. X for allowing me to join you in your talent filled universe.

I forgot to mention, thanks also to Redboy from the Redboy Podcast for having me on his show. Had a lot of fun.

The miracles of skype in full effect.

Show #5 The Big Show Strikes Back

It's my longest show by forever, but it's my 5th show and I wanted it to special. Like that first time....get your mind out of the gutter, I mean like that first time you heard my show going the extra distance.

Show Notes
Show Length 34:49
-Podcast Outlaws Intro/Tour De France by Kraftwerk intro
-Is my backyard going to ever get love?
-Star Wars, the movie that isn't political
-Working on getting better sound quality
-Adam Curry has irked my soul with his podshow
-Clip of Len and Nora from Jawbone, this is just some great stuff
-Rush Limbaugh joins podcasting world and I share my love for him and Sean Hannity
-First podcasting book is coming out
-Is Aaron hard to spell?
-Special Song for the Summer
-Garageband Long Distance Dedication...Jonathan Coulton-"Ikea"
-Thanks for Len from Jawbone, Mr. X or Mr X. and Just Julie and Redboy
-Shoutouts to friends and family
-Closing it out

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

This guy does a great job!!

The intro you hear on my show and other shows that are part of the PodcastOutlaws.com Network were done by Madtown Aces Productions. I wanted to give a plug to Adam both on my show and here as well. He really did a great job as you can hear and I thank him. -Aaron

Madtown Aces Productions, providing professional quality, voice overs, sweepers, show open/closes and anything audio for your podcast. Fully produced or simple dry reads that you produce, we can do it all. Get noticed and stand out. Madtown Aces Productions, providing quality audio imaging solutions for the podcast community since the dawn of podcasting. Contact Adam at Madtown Aces Productions right now at madtownaces@gmail.com

Show 4- Star Wars podcast

Saw Star Wars last night, interesting experience which I talk about on the show. Hope you'll listen and most importantly, enjoy.

Show Notes:
Show Length 14:39

-Spoiler free review of Episode 3
-Talk about my nephew's challenge to stay awake and my plea to movie theatres
-Today was invitro day!!
-A little more talk about the movie
-Song: Natalie Brown- "I wonder" www.natalie-brown.com or www.garageband.com
-Plug for podcastoutlaws.com
-Sign out

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Show 3- Rantcast

What an interesting day it's been in Podcasting. Adam Curry goes toe to toe with the man who helped him get off the ground. Podcast Outlaws gets lots of new submissions. And I do show 3.

Show Notes
Time: 19:40
-Thanks for listening
-Adam Curry fires shot back at Dave Winer creating a spat in podcasting
-I discuss shows I'd like to see submitted to Podcastoutlaws.com
-I take a shot of my own at the White House for going after Newsweek
-Song: Forever Tonight from Brianna. Check her out at www.garageband.com
-Quick mention of Star Wars Ep. 3
-Thanks to Adam for creating Podcast Outlaws intro

Download the show here

Sunday, May 15, 2005

2nd show, we're rockin tonight

Got the audio problems solved so show 2 is vast improvement over #1. If you listen closely, you can hear my wife take a cell call in the background. Show 3 coming soon.

Show Notes:
Show Length 10:35
-Intro song- Theme to Knight Ridder
-Discussion of David Hasselhoff's comments in Newsweek
-My rant on the RIAA
-Song: "All I Ever Want"- The Tri Sonics
-Wrap up of the big show

Download the show here

Saturday, May 14, 2005

First show is on the pod

I'm glad to have the first show done with. I've had quite a bit to learn audio card wise in the past day or so. I had to give up on my ambitions of being like everyone else and having the creative intro because it just wasn't gonna happen tonight. But they didn't build Rome in a day and all good things take time.

Show Notes
Show Length: approx 8 1/2 minutes
-Introduction of myself
-A discussion of Adam Curry and the things he's working on
-Giving Paris Hilton a break
-Talking about challenges of getting my show on the air
-Sign off

Download the show here

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm a podcast outlaw

As one of the founding members of the podcast outlaws network, I am proud to be part of such a talented group of podcasters. I'm hoping you'll continue to check out this site and podcastoutlaws.com for some great shows. In the coming weeks, this show will come on board and I'll bring my knowledge as a podcast listener to you. I'm hoping you'll enjoy the show and use the tools available on this site to communicate your thoughts to me. I'd like to thank Len from Jawbone, Mr. X from Late Night with Mr. X and Just Julie, Craig from the Godcast Network and Brian from She Said/He Said for all of their support, knowledge and talent. Each of these people are legendary podcasts who provide great shows and I hope to elevate the talents on the podcastoutlaws network just that one extra step higher. I'm coming soon and I'm bringing Queen Creek and the world with me. Can't wait!!